Thursday, November 08, 2012


That is one totally stoned/baked doggie, eh??


Ok, so we're not exactly sure what happened, but poor Teeny has something wrong with her back.

More than likely it's the fact that a door got shut on her yesterday by accident because she was dragging her feet getting through said door, and it shut on her.   She was acting a bit weird even before that though.  We were a bit late applying flea meds this month, and she's been reaching around hard towards her rear end to scratch, so possibility number two, the vet believes, is that she has twisted her back trying to itch.  Lastly, she is constipated.  Now, she could either be constipated because her back was hurting so bad she is scared to go because it hurts, but it could be that she's constipated so bad it's pushing on her spine.

So in that pic, she was "mildly sedated" (really? mildly??!) for an x-ray.  The x-ray showed no fractures or issues with discs.  She may have deep bruising due to the door incident.  And it could be the flea thing or the poo thing.

The result?  She has flea meds on, some sort of benadryl type thing to keep from being itchy, pain meds/anti-inflammatory meds, and a stool softener. 

(can you say "ka-chink"??)

I skipped dance class and stayed home with her tonight.  I'm hoping to see some results!


Kimberly said...

My poor Teeny. I do love her. Keep us posted