Monday, November 19, 2012

it must be a cycle i am in...more listmaking

A post like a list.
Maybe it's because I am in "list mode" for the lists, shopping lists...I dunno.

~ Dropped MyFavoriteKid off at 9:30am this morning for a drum clinic being held at the school prior to winter percussion auditions.

~ Went to zen center for midday practice.

~ Out shopping for tablecloths for the holiday table & grabbed a to-go lunch.

~ Headed over the convalescent hospital to see James who after awhile told me he was "up sh%$t's creek without a paddle," and that he'd been sent out to the doctor because his toe was infected, and they have determined they need to remove it (or part of it).  Yeah, I'd say that would be without a paddle for sure.
If you don't already know this about him, I was matched up with him as a "buddy" because he is already an amputee, courtesy of diabetes.

~ Poor kid was still at auditions until 4:30pm; he said they were grueling. This is the first year there will be an "A-line" and a "B-line", and as a sophomore, he's a lower classman (not to mention hes' only been playing snare for a year, he's on clarinet for the rest of the season).

~ He wanted to meet friends at the theater for a 5:15 movie, so I got him there, and nobody showed up on time (except him).  They were going to wait for a later showtime, but he was so irked, he just wanted to come home (he was also worried because they hadn't announced yet who ranked where in auditions, and he was on total pins and needles about it).

~ Back home, kid frets, and I knit and watch Dust Bowl, Part 2....and then am (happily interrupted) by a very tall teenager who is bouncing off the walls because he landed a spot on the A-line drum corp.  This is very great news....although it also means, for me, no rest for the weary as a band parent  (lordy please let MyFK remember my support when his remembering is most needed!)

~ And here I am, posting away, about to knit a bit more and maybe watch Dancing With The Stars.  Tomorrow is the Great Thanksgiving Shopping Run of  2012 ;-)