Saturday, November 17, 2012

snaps on saturday...

...the 9th anniversary edition ;-)

We went to the zen center for the bulk of the day, no photos of the floor we stared at for you, though.  My mind was a little busy. The most clarity I had all day was when I was washing the lunch dishes and pots and pans of service for 20+....that's sayin' somethin', although I'm not quite sure what.

Then out for dinner at this vegetarian restaurant everyone has been raving about.

It was decent, but not special.
So we left there and went trolling for dessert and an after dinner drink.

Beignets with chocolate, caramel, and strawberry dipping sauces, and some crazy yummy chocolate thing. TheMostImportantGuy had this really delicious bourbon cocktail and I had an off-beat margarita that included cilantro with jalapeno and salt on the rim.  Yum.

Our Anniversary toast to each other??
"Nobody's sick of nobody!"


(and we did decide that we are too old and tired to hit the movies.....early bedtime, early morning, maybe a matinee tomorrow?)


~Donna~ said...

OK, so I come to the photo of the dessert plate and I see ice cream on bacon...

Lordy, I should REALLY read blogs with my glasses on...

Happy Anniversary to you and the MIG!