Thursday, January 24, 2013

i win :-)

Quick hand(s) update:
~ Since jodi asked...yes, thumb split from cold weather has healed (well, it doesn't hurt...but it sure does look ugly). 
~ The sheet pan burn on the same hand, my right/dominant hand, healed up super fast, and I totally attribute it to my ancient chinese secret for burns, Great Wall Bran Ching Wan Hung.  This stuff is the bomb, and when I was in culinary school, my classmates used to beg me for it daily.
~ The cut on my left piny is still horrible.  I finally uncovered it to let it get some air. Well, actually, I was too sissy to even take the band-aid off.  DrMostImportantGuy had to do it for me.  It will be fine, but it's not a pretty sight at the moment. And it still hurts like hell anytime I brush up against anything.
~ I have a couple of big fat cat scratches on that same hand, thanks to GaaraTheToothlessKitteh, and then out of nowhere last night, the inside of the wrist on that hand took a scratch and started bleeding and I don't even know how it happened.

My hands look like crap!!  *sigh*
The rest of me feels pretty damn good though, so I'll take that!

In other news, it is with great joy that I tell you that I got TheMIG to start watching Downton Abbey. He'd seen a few minutes here and there coming and going as I was watching, but last night he started streaming Season One from the beginning and he watched three whole episodes!!  I am so excited.  I'm hoping he'll plow through Season One on Netflix, and then we can stream Season Two on Amazon Prime, and so far I have Season Three tivo'd at the house.  It tickles me to no end.

But wanna hear what made me even happier?! Today MyFavoriteKid came home today and told me that he got a perfect score on a test he took today in Humanities, and the only reason he got it right was because it was about World War I and he knew the answer from being in the room while I was guessed it....Downton Abbey.  hahahahaha

I WIN! :-)