Tuesday, January 15, 2013

it's days like these that make me wish days like these were over, for cryin' out loud!

Well, here's an update on the next door neighbor at Ye Ol' House, otherwise known as the BadMan, or the jerkazoid that shot my dog Riley in the eye with a bb-gun.

There. There's your synopsis if you're new here, a refresher if you're not ;-)

I'm not pressing charges here, the District Attorney is taking care of that.  Today was to be the pre-preliminary trial with the actual trial being set for tomorrow unless a settlement agreement was made.   it's

So the DA offered a plea bargain today:
* The BadMan would need to change his plea from not-guilty to guilty, for felony animal cruelty.
* He would have to serve 30 days in county jail, but it would probably be commuted to 15 days.
* He would have 3 years of probation, including anger management courses geared towards animal cruelty, and at my request, the DA added a condition to probation that he would not be allowed to possess other firearms (which at present, he does...and they aren't bb-guns).
* He would have to pay restitution (the vet bills).

At the end of it all, his record would shift from felony to misdemeanor.  I'm fine with that bargain, although I have no idea if he and/or his attorney is going to accept it. And the whole matter was postponed until February 7th, so it's going to be awhile until I find out.

I'm having an interesting time of things. Every time there is a new date or a new development or a call from the DA's office, I get this very strange "deer in the headlights" thing going on.  I don't function at full capacity.  I move into some odd time warp.  I look up at the clock and time has passed and I haven't accomplished anything and I can't really explain where the time went or what I was doing. I also stop taking care of myself.  I forget to drink water or make a healthy meal.  Actually, I don't really forget, because at some point I see myself (almost at a distance) not taking care of myself, but I can't make myself take care of myself!  It's very odd, and it's exactly what I have been successfully working on in therapy....but it's a place I still slip into whenever I feel fearful. 

Honestly. I really just cannot wait for this danged thing to be settled. I know I'll always be a bit nervous having him right next door, but at least the proceedings will be over, and the buttons will be pushed less.


not supergirl said...

Ugh, I can't imagine. I've been lucky so far with neighbors. They've either been friendly or indifferent or at least only mildly rude sometimes, never crazy-making. Hang in there.