Thursday, January 17, 2013

mini personal retreat?

So there is a 3-day retreat at the zen center this Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  TheMostImportantGuy is going to do Saturday and Sunday.

I'm not going.  Two reasons.  One is the dog.  We used to do these long retreat days and just leave the dog door open for Riley while we were gone. The problem with that is that the retreat runs from 6am to 9:30pm, and we live a distance the dog would have free reign in the yard from 5am until about 10:30pm.  And by free reign, I mean the dog is probably out there barking at shadows that look like racoons (or actual racoons, it turns out!).   I can't risk the dog being out there pissing off the BadMan neighbor, so what I've been doing since the shooting incident is to bring Riley and Teeny to the Doggie Daycare places, which also does overnighters now.  But I'm not ready to bring Riley there while he's still on meds from his oral surgery.

The second reason is that I have parental responsibilities with MyFavoriteKid this weekend, although most of the time what I'm really doing is driving him around.  He has a haircut planned for Saturday morning, then a band rehearsal Saturday afternoon, then he is overnight at a friend's house Saturday night.  I just have to get him to and from all these things....

SO! No go zendo!

I'm choosing to see it as my own little mini-retreat.  I've already cooked up a bunch of healthy foods for snacking on, and I'm going to try out a couple of new exercise videos I picked up.  I've got some knitting planned.  I may even take myself to see the movie that no one else in this house but me wants to see.  And  I need to do some blogging. Some real content blogging (because really. it has been sort of watered down here lately, hasn't it.)

What are you up to this weekend?


not supergirl said...

I'll be driving one daughter back and forth to archery range, three times in the next two days. The other daughter hasn't put in her request yet.
I may try to get in some sewing or knitting as well. It's something I can at the range, at least.