Thursday, January 31, 2013

murphy's law

It is only when you haven't done laundry in awhile....when your laundry is stacked high enough that is exceeding the space available in the hamper....and it is only when your kid has done the same thing....and you also need to run a load of towels, is only then....

that your ancient clothes dryer breaks down.

Yay, me.   And no time to shop for new appliances any time soon, because I am booked all weekend.  I have no real desire to buy new appliances for this house (this happened at YeOldHouse).  I hope the weather stays good for a week or two. I might be doing a good amount of line drying!


=Tamar said...

Hang garments so that there is air space all around, and aim a fan at them. They will dry much faster, even if the air is cold, and faster still if you hang them near a heat source.

Linda said...

I love line drying! The weather doesn't always cooperate, though.