Wednesday, January 09, 2013

poooooor riiiiiiley.... in the klink.

I brought him in for his 9am appointment, and by then his tooth was looking ridiculously dangly.  It turns out that his canine tooth snapped off at the gumline, and was just sort of hanging there. The root of the tooth was still embedded in the jaw. The vet couldn't tell whether or not the damage was extended into the jaw bone, and planned to mildly sedate him and x-ray, then call me with a plan of attack.

It turns out that this took all day.  He had two emergencies come in right after I left, requiring much patchwork.  He didn't get to Riley until about 5pm, and at 8pm I got the post-op call.  The tooth was removed, the root was removed, and it was all back-filled with some magic bone grafting goop.  The jaw should be stable.  He was awake and doped up on pain meds and they were getting ready to feed him. I can pick him up at 10am.

You know I will be there at 10am on the dot.

After I left him, they sprung Gaara the cat from his dental surgery.  He's looking pretty great, if not a little silly (they shaved a section of his arm for the IV and he looks like a poodle).  He's tired, but has been lovey. 

But we're all missing Riley tonight :-(


Kerry said...

Poor Riley I guess. What a bummer! Give him extra pats and kisses from all of us here. I know you won't be there at 10'll be there just a bit before. ;-) Hugs to you all!!!

The Bon said...

Bob had two shaved spots; one on his front right leg and one on the back of his right rear ankle. you can see both in this photo here where he was still high on the narcotics. Poor boy.