Thursday, January 10, 2013

the poodle says hi

Silly, huh.  LOL

Riley made it home today finally, and he looks exactly the same (same bald spot on the arm). Poor dear.  His jaw was left in tact (woohoo!), only his bottom right canine had to be removed. Apparently it was an epic procedure because the tooth had broken off at the gum line and the vet had a horrible time extracting the remains.  He backfilled the jaw with some crazy grafting stuff (that's my technical description, might as well just call it Bond-O).  Riley had enough of being poked an prodded at, I am sure, because he bit one of the vet-techs this morning.  He is not like that at all normally.  He just had enough.  He's home now sleeping like a log.

I hope this is it for awhile. An expensive week at the vet!


not supergirl said...

So glad everyone's home and on the mend now. And yeah, that's a funny looking kitty arm, there. :)

Kerry said...

I think Gaara looks more like Mickey Mouse. ;-)

Hope poor Riley was able to sleep off his troubles. Can't believe he bit the tech. He doesn't look like he'd have it in him. Such a sweet face. Poor little guy must have been horribly stressed.