Saturday, January 19, 2013

snaps on saturday

I am a member of the Knitspot Fall In Full Color Club (great patterns, lovely yarns), and this group also has one rockin' Ravelry Group "clubhouse"-chat-thing going on.   Knitters from all over the world!  We just  got our January yarn and pattern this past week.   Lookie:

Miss Babs Alpacacita 2-ply laceweight, 70/30 baby alpaca/cultivated silk
in the custom Knitspot colorway : Winter Rose
(and I've already learned that it is a dream to knit with)

So, over at the Ravelry "clubhouse" two of the ladies (one of whom I have met before at a sweater fitness class by Anne Hanson herself) commented that they were going to meet up today and get the project going together.  They are both of Sacramento, so I asked if I could crash they KnitALong, and they said yes :-)

There are 3 versions of the project to choose from:  an infinity scarf, or a flat scarf or stole.  Stephanie is doing the infinity scarf, and Carol and I doing the stole (except I am modifying the stole a bit and removing the lacy scalloped edging and replacing it the with straight edge that appears on the infinity scarf). 

We had a really good time, although little progress was made.  Stephanie had started hers yesterday but then had to re-start today.  Carol ripped and had to cast-on several times for some reason or another.  I got mine going, but the first couple of rows were a bear!  We were there for 3 hours (I'd say two of those were knitting, we ate lunch too), and I only got 4 rows done!  Nupps in the first row!  Pattern action on both sides! Gah!  And even though I could feel that I was sort of getting into the swing of things by the 4th row and was working faster, I then realized that the fabric I was producing was too flimsy.  I need to start over with a smaller needle. Poo!

So.  It's like I didn't really do much of anything.
Except make new friends, of course
Which is even better than a shawl. ;-)


Linda said...

What a great lesson this post is: that knitters can work for hours and have little to show for their labors, apart from the realization that a needle change or closer attention to the pattern is in order. However, the new friendships are worth everything! I'm grateful that this lesson from more successful knitters came with lunch and a warm group shot. THANKS!

CarolP said...

It was so much fun knitting (on my part, casting on again and again) with you and Stephanie yesterday! Let's do this again ~ we can meet you half way! Maybe have more Knitspotters join us! Hope to see you soon! Caro

Gina said...

I was this close to joining that club. Anne Hanson is absolutely one of my favorite designers, her patterns are so beautifully and meticulously written, and the yarns she uses look downright delicious. I'm looking forward to join you in a future Knitspot club.