Sunday, January 20, 2013

this is just one of those days where it makes no sense for me to blog 365

I have not left time for typing and am totally exhausted!

I stayed up a bit too late last night, and then TheMostImportantGuy was up at 5am to head over to the meditation retreat at the zen center.  I woke when he did, and thought I'd fall back asleep, but did not.

My day was laundry, casting on for the pink shawl again, getting just as far as yesterday and then deciding my nupps looked wrong, so took it back apart. I started a hat instead, to break free of the bad lace mojo, and was modifying the pattern to spiff up the band a bit, and ended up goofing that up as well. 

I switched back to my all garter stitch project. Apparently that is all I am capable of at the moment.

I cooked a bit today, and this is really what I need to sit down and get typed out for you!  I'll give you a little teaser though:  I have changed my diet substantially in the past month, and today I mastered gluten free and sugar free blueberry muffins.  

The why's and the how's to follow....



Some days, all I can deal with is garter stitch, too. Nothing like 'all knit, all the time.'

Linda said...

I really look forward to learning about the (necessary) home cooking involved gluten free switch, from a chef. Yippee!