Monday, January 21, 2013

because it's really hard to take photos whilst dancing...

Ok, kids. Fun times the past two Monday nights!  I'm taking a series of dance classes.  And since I have yet not figured out how to dance and take photos at the same time, I am going to have to give you some linky-linkies and filch some photos from the internet (and hopefully nobody will mind).

So, I have taken some workshops and classes before from Axis Dance Company, but it has been a very long while.  Well, I just happened to notice in their newsletter of a few weeks ago that they were hosting a series of master classes with Marc Brew.

I thought to myself:  Now, aren't you the lucky duck!!  

I had recognized Marc's name in the newsletter because I had see this video of his performance "Remember When" and just loved it.

Remember When from Marc Brew on Vimeo.

But I didn't realize that Marc had been commissioned by Axis last year to choreograph a piece for them. Mark is in town re-setting that piece, which he choreographed last year. The piece was/is called "Full Of Words", and it was nominated for three Isadora Duncan Dance Awards  (which is really big deal).  Now, because I'm not going to go all photo-filch crazy, please do click this link and you can see a really great photo roll the piece.  It's stunning.  But it's even better with the musical score. If you have some time, the complete video for Full Of Words can been viewed here.

I am finding this class to have some interesting challenges.  I'm a belly dancer.  When I perform with my troupe, it's on crutches.   The last few solo pieces I have choreographed for myself were on various levels of stools, also incorporating floorwork.  I am not a modern dancer;  I don't naturally make movements anything like what you see in the photos or videos above.  My movements are flow-y and round and soft, or if they happen to be percussive, which they sometimes are, those percussive movements are usually done in the hips.

None of that is what is happening in this series of master classes.

I found myself struggling through the improvisational exercises because I was using a wheelchair for dancing, which I don't do that often, and when I do, it's me by myself, not making contact with other people.  And I was really focused on making "not-round-shapes" like everyone else (who even knows if everyone else was even doing that though...I'm such a nut job.)   I was so busy working out those details, that I missed the point of the improvisational exercise which was pretty much to listen to the people you were dancing with.

Well, today I went back for round tow and danced like me.  Muuuuch better.  I enjoyed myself a lot more, and I learned a lot more, too.   One more class next week, and I am excited to go!