Monday, February 18, 2013

amputeehee's birthday ~month~

My birthday dinner on my birthday proper was a bit of a flop, so when I got an email from Benihana gifting me $30 off for my birthday, well....why not have another dinner :-)

It's MyFavoriteKid's favorite place for a special treat, so he was happy to join me.  We had a nice group sharing the table with us. The grandpa of the family was seated close to us and he was a chatty guy full of lots of good stories. 
Fun night :-)


Time for some comments on comments:

Lynda in Oregon asks (regarding the chaos post):
Very, very powerful. I'd like to share with a couple of friends in the field. May I link to your post?
Yes Lynda, you may. And that goes for all of you. No problem ;-)
(sorry for not replying to you directly, Lynda---blogger didn't give me your email addy!)

Pickyknitter says:
I vote you yarn bomb your crutches, if only for the sake of a blog pic.
I've been considering that for years, actually....and just a couple of weeks ago, I was out to lunch with the Friday knitters, and there was a lady in the restaurant who had done just the very thing. Both of her crutches were entirely covered with remnants she had put together.  It was very inspiring. One of these days I will do it!
I won't do it with those crutches I am dancing with in the photo, though.  I actually love this pair of crutches just the way they are. They are very very old....estimated early 1900's.  It was before crutches were adjustable. The length cannot be changed and the handgrips are fixed. They would have been made specifically for the person who used them, and they have a lovely patina to them.  The hand grips have this lovely bit of wear to them. I find it charming. A woodworker friend of mine found them at an antique flea market, and re-sized them just for me (shortening them and relocating the handles).  I just adore them. I'd never cover them.
But my ratty old every day adjustable metal crutches?? Well, that's entirely possible :-)


Kerry said...

I love making a month out of my birthday! So glad to hear you had the chance to make up for the crappy birthday meal. :-)

Who gave YourFavoriteKid permission to grow into such a handsome young man??? Exciting and sad all at the same time, isn't it?

The Bon said...

Dude, how in the world is he so grown up? I know it's been a couple of years since I've seen him, but still!!