Sunday, February 17, 2013

a day full of dance

The ensemble had an early morning rehearsal for an upcoming festival performance.  Directly after that rehearsal we headed out for an afternoon performance at the memory care center of a local convalescent hospital...

(do I need to point out that that's me on the crutches? prolly not.)

....where one of the newest residents is a years-ago former member of the our very own dance troupe.  Her name is Connie and she is now 97, and even though she is in a memory care center and may or may not have known some of us individually, she still knew who we were as an ensemble having been a member herself at one time.  I came late to the troupe, and although I had met Connie at several events, she had already stopped performing by then. But the other dancers there today had indeed performed with Connie before, and some of those shows were actually at convalescent hospitals, because our teacher did that sort of thing often. It was an incredible full circle moment, really.

Connie said something to us after the show, and it was the very same thing she had said to me when I ran into her a couple of weeks ago while visiting the facility for a look at the dance space. She said she was so glad someone was carrying on our teacher's work.

I am so honored to do so.

It was a fabulously good time and a very special day for us.


Pickyknitter said...

I vote you yarn bomb your crutches, if only for the sake of a blog pic.

Kathy said...