Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am betting that the next few posts are going to be wimpy.

Today was  hectic. I've been running since the moment I woke up, and I am just about to head out to dance class, which wont have me home until almost 11pm.

Tomorrow is Stitches West! Woohoo!  All day Yarn-Fume inspired madness!  I am heading down with friend Sandy around 8am through commute traffic for a 10am-6pm shopping extravaganza, then drinks with the ladies of Friday Knitting, then back home by what...9-ish?

Saturday I am volunteering allllll day long at the first of many drumline related things for MyFavoriteKid. This is the season opener with performances from 2pm straight through to 7pm, plus an awards ceremony...and I am the announcer for this one.  (I am hoping that means I can knit a bit between announcements, but honestly, I get so into these performances, that I usually watch every single one of them with quite a bit of focus).

I will try to post pics, so at least I am not posting air ...but my camera is broken, so I'm going to be a the mercy of friends with iphones or something.  Speaking of iphones...I have never had one, and I am due for a free upgrade as of this week. Cant wait to find a free moment to go phone shopping!

Mkay, you have a good couple of days. I'll be here. Sorta ;-)