Friday, February 22, 2013

shop. drop.

Ok. Super long day at Stitches West. Long drive there, a long drive back, and lots and lots of shopping.

I know, rough. 

But it is a little. Ask anyone who goes there. There is something about this convention center that just sucks the life out of you.  You are already over stimulated by too many colors and too many textures and too many choices...but then there is something about this lighting in this place. It's like your eyes are about to slide out of their sockets or something!  And then you get unusually and intensely dehydrated (I have a theory that all of the yarn in the building sucks the all the moisture out of the air. Hahahaha.)

Anyhow. Seriously good time. Got some great stuff.
And I have photos of none of it, as I have no camera at the moment.

Soon! Booty! I will show you booty!!

Now. Off to bed I go, and tomorrow I put in a huge day at MyFavoriteKid's high school as a parent volunteer for the first drumline competition of the season.