Friday, March 01, 2013

shoot myself with bullets

* Poor MyFK. Today was a furlough day in our district and it should have been a free day for him, but instead he had drumline practice from 10am to 8pm.

* In reality, I dropped him off at 9:45am and just now picked him up at 9pm!! 

* And they compete tomorrow!! Their call time?? 8am!!! In a city that is 30 minutes away (and no bus service for this one, the parents drive).

* And tomorrow's competition?  It runs until 8:30pm!!

* And I have to put in a few volunteer hours feeding the kids at the venue, too!

* In other words, his schedule is my schedule.  We have to be up at 6:15am.

* Here's some good news: I did get a bit of time for myself today (phew!).  I went to the Friday knitting group (yay!) and then I went out with the "Ladies Who Lunch". 

* Then I came home and knit for a bit while watching a few episodes of a boxed set of dvd's I just picked up (Season 1 of Game Of Thrones).

* Because even though it was a glorious 70-ish degrees here today, and it sure feels like spring is in the air.....some of us are preparing for the fact that Winter Is Coming!!