Saturday, March 02, 2013

snaps on saturday

Another long day at a drumline competition. We were rising and shining by 6am, as the call time for the kids at the venue was at 8am.  I stayed for most of the day today, mostly to watch the performances.  I also helped a wee bit with the unloading and feeding of the tribe. I'd like to help more, but the ladies that do most of the food stuff treat me like I am feeble, and they choose to mostly speak amongst themselves in another language. I've given up trying to break into that clique, and I show up to help the kids in other ways, like announcing last week, for example

Around 4pm or so I came home for a bit to tend to the dogs and have some dinner. The drumline kids are still at the competition watching the color guard performances and waiting for the awards to be given out which happens at 9:30pm, and only if the whole shebang isn't running behind. TheMostImportantGuy and I are just about to head back there to see who wins and to pick up MyFavoriteKid as there was no bus for the kids for this one (lucky for us the venue is only 20 minutes or so away this time).

 Okay, the snapshot of the day, yah?

Batman plays a snare drum! hahahah

This was from an entirely Batman themed performance by a middle school. Every kid had their own unique costume in that group, portraying both good guys and bad.

Pictured  in the front line-up here in this particular photo are The Joker, Batgirl, The Riddler, and Robin.  I have no idea about the characters in the back there (I'm not that dedicated of a Batman fan), but one of those kids did the whole show wearing a plastic water cooler jug on his head. Crazy!

Mkay. Off to the venue again!