Friday, June 28, 2013

a very thin post

I have a TON of stories and photos to share. I had a very adventurous day out on my own while the kid was in camp. But once again, we are just getting back to the hotel, it's 11:25, and we have to be up again at the buttcrack o' dawn.

I promise photo essays soon...but probably not until I get home.

Personal note for Pickyknitter!!!!  If I truly am only 3 miles away from you, and if it doesn't freak you out too much to meet strange one legged knitters off the internet, let me say what said a few days ago:
contact me!!
Blogger is not providing me with your email addy, so you have to get in touch with me. 
RavelryID for a PM: AmpuTeeHee,
or email here through the blog at AmpuTeeHee{at}hotomail{dot}com

I'm only free tomorrow, Saturday, from 10am to 1pm (coffee! tea! plain ol water! knitting! visiting!).  After 1pm  I collect the kiddo and we head over to see the really big drum competition at MtSanAntonio College in Walnut (where I will be sitting all by myself...the kids are in a different section). 
Sunday we head home, but I could do coffee in the morning ;-)


Lorena said...

Having Skyped with you, I am jealous of Pickyknitter living so close -- I would totally meet you for coffee! You might get tired of how many times I would want to meet for coffee!

Pickyknitter, you might not know me from Adam's housecat, but as a slightly paranoid person with high walls to scale, I can tell you that AmpuTeeHee is lovely! Don't be freaked out! She's awesome! And she's not even paying me to say that! ;-)

Pickyknitter said...

Sad panda!!! It is 15 minutes to 1pm and I just saw this :( In my defense, I was working in Orange County from 6am -11am then had to stop at the parrot store.

We will meet in Dixon for LambTown FO SHO, YO