Saturday, June 29, 2013

last night.

Just back at the hotel, it's 11:45 and MyFavoriteKid passed out within within two minutes of his head hitting the pillow. It's been a very long few days for him...and so exciting.  He has so much to talk about. What an experience!

I am actually going to miss cute little Riverside. It's an odd little place, the rock formations and all...I sort of feel like I am on the moon.  Downtown has been charming, and there was lots of really cool architecture here. I feel like I could have spent a bit more time rolling around here.

Sorry to have missed you, Pickyknitter. sweet...I luvs you for vouching for me :-)  You're the best. Skype-y lunch date! Soon!!

Nighty-night, all. 
Tomorrow is a travel day. We go early in an attempt to beat the 106 degree heat through the mountain pass heading home.


Lorena said...

Soon, yes! Pinky swear! (When the planets align and we both have free time on the same day!)