Monday, June 24, 2013

so much for packing

I didn't get quite as much done tonight as I had hoped, packing for the trip, that it is.

I got seriously sucked into a PBS/POV program called "Homegoing" about a Harlem funeral director, and it just hooked me right from the get go.

Between the work I do at convalescent hospitals, practicing at the zen center (and pondering impermanence), and some of the modern dance work I have done exploring death and what happens to the body when we go....well, watching this program just drew me right in.  I was so touched by this man, and families he has served, and the work he does.  Filmmaker gets my kudos.

I looks like you'll be able to stream it for a month or two (at the link above), and I hereby proclaim you should check it out ;-)