Sunday, June 23, 2013

sunday sunday

Oops! This is going up late. Hung up in the system!

It's evolving.

The ceiling is up on the shower, and now the walls are going up, too.  I am so glad I sprung a little extra to put in a niche that has an arch, because it add so much character, and it matches the arch over the tub that is part of the original architecture. Squeeee!!   I am also so glad I punched out a big fat hole in the wall on the right there between the shower and the tub, because a glass block window is going there, and it is totally going to reduce the claustrophobia factor ten-fold.

*exhaaaaale* (not the same a *sigh*)
I am feeling a bit better about things.

Today was good. We woke early, had breakfast at the greasy spoon, and did a bunch of work around TheNewDiggs. Wiped up a layer of construction dust and did a little, but not enough, yard work, because it sprinkled a bit here today! Went back to YeOlHouse and took a bit of a rest (rest?!? what is rest??! hahaha) and then went over to Sandy's where she entertained us with a gourmet dinner!  Artisanal cheese and cracker board, our favorite beers (good eye!), zucchini soup with a red pepper coulis, a roasted vegetable tart, and the best lemon berry dessert thing I have ever eaten (gotta get that recipe).

She wouldn't let us lift a finger. I haven't sat back like that and been spoiled in ages, and it was the best time ever. We loved it. Thank you Sandy!! We even brought the dogs with us. A dry run for her watching them while we are out of town (fun for her, apparently...and cheaper than a kennel for me!).

Out of town.
The next two days are full of preparations to depart on Wednesday for Southern California, where MyFavoriteKid goes to Blue Devils Snare Drum Camp...a birthday gift to him from my folks. Woot!

Should be a really good time, actually. I have plans to do some exploring and some WholeLottaNothing while MyFK does three days of drumming.  

My only concern is trying to manage the renovations remotely that will still be going on for the 5 days I am gone (3 drumming, 2 traveling).  Hope I dont come back to a nightmare or nothing being done!



Pickyknitter said...

Wave at me if you drive past Riverside & I will wave at you when I am in Hollywood tomorrow.