Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well, I done diddit.  For the first time ever, I fell getting out of the shower tonight, while trying to do a quick rinse before dashing to dance class.  I put the bathmat in a different place than usual (because I thought I was so damn smart), and as soon as I set my wet foot down on the floor, it came right out from underneath me.  My arse came crashing down, and my left bumm-cheek crashed down on the shower threshold.  You  know, the thing with the metal door jamb?


After flopping around like a wet seal trying to get up off the floor for a few, I got myself dressed and out the door to dance class, and that's when it finally hit me:  I could barely sit.  I'm sure being mildly in shock explains why I didnt think to grab an ice pack or some muscle rub. I did a bummcheck in the mirror in the studio, and it's already a multi-colored extravaganza.

I am soooo glad I didn't slip further before landing and hit my sacrum or low back.  No bones involved....I landed squarely on my more than adequately padded backside.   It's a bit of bummer it didnt happen on the other buttcheek though. I dont use my right leg, it aint even there!! But my left leg (ie my only leg) is attached to that buttcheek and OhMyGosh it's already hurting every time I stand. 

I'm back home and on ice.  Nothing like an icy bumm at bedtime...woot!


Leslie said...

Ouch! That's got to hurt. :o(

Hope you're feeling better soon.

The Bon said...

Yikes! I am cringing for you.