Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bring me

Do you still call it "Bring Your Parent To School Day" if your (Favorite) Kid doesn't want to bring you?

Social Studies

Maybe it should be called "Your Parent Is Coming To School With You Whether You Like It Or Not Day."

Physical Science

I am glad I forced the issue and went. I think this is my last hurrah. Next year is High School, and I dont think they do this sort of thing.

I am also glad I went because, as usual, it was enlightening to see my kid's work habits in action. Not sure what sort of parenting skills I can employ to help him quite yet, but it at least I know where to focus my efforts now.


In other news, I am so tired I feel like I might start giggling like a madwoman.

Last night around 11:50pm someone drove into a power pole nearby and completely took it down. I was up futzing around with flashlights and candles. Then came the sirens and whatnot. Then phoning the electric company to check status. I was just about back to sleep when the power started doing this very strange surging thing. The fan would come back on, but at about a tenth of its speed, then shut off. The clock would surge on and off. And best? The electrically wired smoke detectors went on and off. The power was restored around 2:30am and I was going to try to nab those last few hours of sleep....and then the jackhammers started to chop up the concrete so they could plant a new power pole. Gah. I think I got about 2-1/2 of sleep, and not all at the same time. SO. TIRED.

This afternoon I got my car back from the auto repair shop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

And I also figured out how to use my iPad to sync with GoogleReader (now that Bloglines is going buh-bye). I really don't like how GoogleReader is laid out, to be honest with you, but I am syncing it to my iPad using an app called Reeder, and now I love it. I especially love that it will cache the posts so I can read them even if I'm not online (I have wi-fi, not 3g). So long as I refresh things before I head out for the day (or when I find a hotspot or something), I have stuff to read while I'm out and about. I am diggin' it.


PFennessy said...

My kids call it "Stalk your student" day.

Mouse said...

Ooh.. thanks for the tip on "Reeder".. I'll check it out and see what it does.

~Donna~ said...

All we ever had was the "Back to School" night which was of course in the evening. 10 min blast of course syllabus and seeing the teacher.

That's all we have now in high school as well.

If we did have a day thing, I would have gone like you did - whether the kid wanted it or not. :)