Wednesday, September 14, 2011

layers, baby...layers

Ok, so here's a revisit of what the bedroom at the new house looked like the last time I showed you.

We're still not done...there's a different lamp going on the other side of the bedroom that is still in it's box, and I am just throwing the finishing stitches on a green throw pillow for the bed made out of a sweater I felted, too.
But we've added a couple of touches, and here it is, as of today...

Here's a close-up of that old lamp I found. I love it because the base lights up separately (or together) with the actual lamp itself.

I dragged it with me to the store in all it's rickety glory, and I tried shade after shade on it. The very last shade in the store is the one I ended up liking. It's a chocolate brown with some gold streaks on it, and it looked ridiculously gawdy on the shelf. It looks great, and even better when it's lit.

And I love the texture on the glass of the lamp....which is somewhat mirrored in the bedding.

I wanted the bed to look like a business suit, but with some "girly" to it. Sort of like when a chick wears her man's business shirt around the house like nightshirt the next morning.
That feeling ;-)

With the shape of the lamp and the stitching on the white bedding, I was really trying to bring in some round curvy details to contrast against the squareness of the bed, not to mention the pinstripes on the navy duvet cover. Same idea with the wall mirror, which has a round beveled detail on it.

Here's the green glass I've been collecting for the other side of the room. It's on dresser that came from TheMostImportantGuy's family.

We actually are the type of folks that light candles and burn incense in the bedroom, so this isn't just a decoration for us. It's all functional. I think I might change out the sand I put inside of the glasses, though. There were lots of shades of sand to choose from at the big box craft store, and I went with the white...but I think it might need something darker. The white is kinda taking away from the glass, I think. The craft store also sold bags full of little green chips of tumbled glass. I might go that route instead.

That little dresser scarf there we actually found for $5 at Walgreens. It's an actual scarf. For around your neck. Not for your dresser. But whatever. Hahaha.

The nightstand was a splurge, but I adore it. It's sturdy as all get out and should last a lifetime. It's a modern spin on an old travel trunk, but they really focused on the details. The trim on the trunk is leather and wood and they used really nice upholstery tacks. The drawers are lined with some sort of fabric, and they open and close whisper quiet. Even though the thing is new, it just feels timeless to me, and that's why I don't mind dropping a wad on something like this. I also feel like it could work in other places around the house if we ever felt like mixing things up.

The flowers on it are fake, believe it or not. I prefer real flowers, but being that I'm only at this house on the weekends at this point, I couldn't be bothered....and how sad to always come for the weekend and arrive to last week's dead flowers?! Besides, these look deceptively real! They were also on the clearance rack ;-) Under six bucks.

The little books on the nightstand are actually fake little boxes that look like books, and they are there so that I have a place to toss my rings and watch into at night. Also scored at 60% off at the same big box craft store.

The chair was another splurge and not only do I have a mad hot crush on that chair, but I also have a funny story that goes with I'll do another post about that sometime soon. The throw on it was also a sale find (I think ten bucks?)....and I love that it also has some round shapes to it, not to mention it is very soft and cozy. It will be used as a blanket, not just as decor.

So mission accomplished so far....we saved on some things so we could splurge on others, we've mixed old and new, mixed businessman with girly-girl...and so far it's feeling like a calming sexy little corner of the house.

There's a few more things going on in the the whole other side of it, for example, but that's still "under construction".
One wall at a time!! LOL.