Friday, October 12, 2012

a bit of a crafty explosion

knitting and snacking and sipping and beading and looking at travel pics on an ipad
a full table!

The regular hostess with the mostess of our Friday morning knit group was unavailable today, so I had offered up my place (TheNewDiggs).  Not everyone could make it, but there was a half dozen of us, and speaking for myself, I had a really fine time. 

I wasn't actually sure any of them would come.  I live the farthest north of everyone (including a bridge with a toll), so it's a bit of a trek....and there is something about that bridge that typically keeps people from coming more often.  But come they did!  It was really nice to give them a tour of the house they have been hearing me complaining about remodeling for so long....and I just love bringing more vibrant energy into the place. Something about knitters, I guess. They left behind a nice warm fuzzy feeling!!