Thursday, October 11, 2012


I was in the bathroom prepping to paint my toenails.  I realized I was down to the last few drops of polish remover.  As I poured it onto the cotton pad, I actually said to myself in my head, "Oooo, save some for the other foot!"

Funny, that.  I don't have another foot.  And I have not had another foot what...coming up on nine years now?? Sheesh!

An elephant never forgets.

Here's why I was changing my polish today, by the way.

As part of getting ready for dance concerts, we often show our works in progress and get feedback from the other dancers. A few weeks ago I showed my solo and one of the comments I got was that my toenail polish was over attracting attention to my feet (pardon me again, my foot).

Maybe this is why.

L to R: Dark purple, so burgundy it's almost black, pepto pink,
robin's egg blue, forest green, a shiny sort of iris purple thing, 
lime green, and ink blue with sparkles.  

Not exactly neutrals, right??  My first (internal) response to that feedback came from my very rebellious inner teenager, who was like, "Well, good! Fuck you!!" (it's important to note that my rebellious outer teenager in real life said that very thing, then wore spandex pants and had really big hair).

But the choreographer in me knows that it's a legitimate observation. 

I cannot tell you how many dances by other people I have seen, but not really seen, because I was too busy staring at the wrong shade of lipstick or the wrong jewelry or something.  The details do matter.

And when I looked around the dance studio, I realized that I was the only person in the troupe wearing color on my toes.

So here's what I tried on today.

Total frickin' snore-fest, and when I look at my foot, it doesn't even look like my own---my foot looks all nekkid and my toes sort of blend in with the floor!  But I'll take a hit for the team and sacrifice beauty for art and all that....hahahahahaha.

I might go shopping for one more shade darker...maybe with a hint of taupe in it. Or I might not. It seems a little silly to buy one more bottle of polish that I won't ever really wear!  I think the day after the show I'll repaint them that lime green :-)


Unknown said...

I love your nail polish! But I love the neutral too, you picked a nice one. I'm the same way, I use all the bright colors on my toes. I like neutrals on my hands usually.