Saturday, October 13, 2012

snaps on saturday

Seems like whenever we're entertaining at TheNewDiggs and I'm trying out new recipes, I always forget to take a pic of the food until it's over and done with. Oh well!  Tonight our friends brought some craft beers, so I started off by setting out some olives and then the best friggin' candied nuts I have ever made.  What made them so great??  BACON.  Oh my god. Awesome.  I made a vegetarian version too, for TheMostImportantGuy, just added some extra salt and used butter for the fat. 

Then I made a salad and a couple of pizzas. I did a Greek pizza that I have made once before and loved, and then I tweaked this recipe for a mushroom pesto and fontina pizza by using a grill pan for the mushrooms, and then just doing the pizza on a standard crust in the oven.  

The fun part of the evening though was making sundaes. 

My friend surprised me by showing up with baked gooey chocolate cookies, so we through those down in some mugs, topped that with ice creams and gelatos, and then I had a chocolate sauce and a burnt caramel sauce. Whipped cream and toasted pecans.

Dang, fun times and food.
I am really really enjoying the new kitchen :-)