Monday, December 04, 2006

business as usual

Back to having things that I want to write about but not finding the time to sit and type them up. Life is moving so fast that by the time I do have a moment to park my ass and post, everything is already old news or things have shifted. That’s one benefit that NaBloPoMo had going for it. At least forcing myself to make daily posts kept me current.

Surely there must be a middle ground, though, Peoples.
If you find it, lemme know.

I originally had this plan to start off December with this cute little post that was to be a NaBloPoMo recap. I pulled up my archives for all of November and started to tally all sorts of innnnteresting* data:
the total number of posts written
how many photos I uploaded
number of meme's
how many posts had gimping content
how many had knitting content
how many had whining
how many met my goal for creative writing
how many had imroper use of elipses and parenthesis (should we bet "all of them"??)...hahaha...
Unfortunately, every time I tried to tally this nonsense I kept losing my place around the middle of the month. Either I can't count above 15 or it began to drive me nuts to see all the little cross-hatches that prove that whine more than I knit.

Okay, so there's another thing NaBloPoMo was good for. A bright little flashlight peircing into my dark little world.
Useful information ;-)
I am pleased to report, however, that most of my posts met my creative goal, and that is gooood.
* you have to say "innnnteresting" in the style of Bugs Bunny giving a "permanananent" to that big orange hairy monster dude for that to make any sense at all


Updates For Those Keeping Track:

Antique Horse at Tilden

My Mood. I have positively turned a corner mood-wise in the past week. Stress is still the undercurrent, but I am most definitely in the “my glass is half full” camp for a change. Yay!

It's about time and it feels damn good.

I attribute the shift to: The many of you who commented and emailed me just to ask how I was doing (thank you--it means more than you know)...Team MIG/AmpuT smoothing out the rough edges in places that have been, well, basically fucked for awhile...sitting in the sunshine...a night at the Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round (photos scattered about this post)...pairing sassy winter leggings with cute mini-skirts and boots (well ok, boot)...a can of spagghettios...several sessions at a new Pilates class with a teacher I just totally dig (she is doing a fine job with finding one-legged adaptations and/or allowing me the headspace to find them myself)...the coming and going of my monthly hormone-zone (if you or someone you love struggles with PMS, do click here for some very funny YouTube)...high-speed internet--wheeee!!...and lace knitting (more about the lace in the next post).

Themed Trees

No Neighbor Problems. I haven’t heard a single peep out of TheNeighborGuy since the Thanksgiving drama. He is avoiding me, which is good, and apparently I am doing my own version of The AvoiDance. It took me every piece of silverware to realize that I have been letting the dishes stack up (longer than usual) because when I stand at the sink and look out the window, I have to look into his yard. I’m thinking it’s about time to add dishwashing to MyFK’s chore list--he’s shorter than I am, though not for long. Or maybe I need to knit up a Mason-Dixon window curtain.

A Knitting Themed Tree!

A Rescheduling. If you've been in mojo-mode for me (and if you are, I do appreciate it greatly), the lawsuit mediation has officially been rescheduled for December 19th. I’m not holding my breath, though. I'm not about to wind myself up so I can get disappointed again. I've heard that December means scheduling conflicts and things like this often get pushed into the new year. I'll keep updating.

Carousel Frog

MyFK’s First Report Card of the Year. 4th grade. It came home with the comments, “…is doing very well and is at or above grade level. He is interested in many things and is very knowledgeable. I would like to see him be less emotional; he gets frustrated and tearful over things that are out of his control. He should RELAX!”


Wonder who he picked that up from.


Carol said...

Glad you're feeling better, sweets.

Love the antique horsie picture!

"Monsters are such inn-teresting people. The places you must go and the people you must meet -- my stars. Now let's stick our little paddies in the WA-ter!"

Mouse said...

The Bugs Bunny reference made me snort my tea.. I believe the big red monster's name was Gossimer. I'm glad to see you're feeling better- I'm hanging in there and trying to look on the 'bright side' right now as well.

Carrie said...

I am so glad that things are going better for you. I was worried there. Also, smart boy! That was a great report card. My kids can be emotional in class. Teachers like when kids are quiet and spongelike. I think emotions are a natural thing, and a sign of a creative mind!

BeanMama said...

Oh, goodie! Tilden carousel is open again. Last time we went they were closed to decorate and Rosaline was DEEPLY disappointed.

All kids are/should be emotional -- I would frankly worry about those who are not. Yeah, it makes things a little tougher on the teacher but... OH WELL.

Gray said...

That was fun post to read. I enjoyed the photos and the report card. As one of your token male readers, I admit to shamelessly enjoying the reference to "sassy winter leggings with cute mini-skirts and boot."

The carousel horse photo really brings me back to carousels I have known and excursions with my daughter when she was younger. Thanks for that good image.