Monday, September 08, 2008

mini post with whine

I'm beat. The dog and the kitten are driving me nuts. They mostly get along super great....
And then the dog "over-luvs" on the kitteh.
Then the kitteh dashes and hides underneath the nightstand.
Then the dog goes and fetches his dog toys one by one and lays them out in a trail to seduce the cat out of hiding....

...which I admit, is very cute and entertaining.
But then the cat comes out to check out the trail of toys and gets over-luv'd on again, and then dashes in the closet.

It's got a Tom & Jerry sort of feel to it.

Back n forth it goes, and I keep having to intervene and fish the cat out of hiding to make sure he has a chance to eat and pee and poop (which is important, since he has tagged the bed twice already because the dog wouln't let him pass over to where the cat box is located. Lovely, eh??).

It makes me tired.


Mouse said...

As cute as that kitteh is.. I think the stress of what you described would be enough to make my brain go all gooey. Here's to hoping it all calms down shortly.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I experienced a similar situation on Sunday evening at a friend's house, only replace the dog in this scenario with my two daughters. There was poop, and it was all over my kids, but it was not their poop. Poor kitty. On the bright side, I think my girls have learned their lesson.

Sally said...

Hi, I too have a dog (and am an amputee) and am really struggling with the walking at the moment, since my mobility's not as good as it was when we first got her.
The husband's doing most of it. How do you manage it? I love my dog but she's exhausting!

carleigh said...

that is too funny. I can just see Riley doing that. It makes me laugh extra since on the few nights I actually insist on uninterrupted sleep so I lock the cats our of our room, it never fails that in the morning they have piled up many toys in front of the door. Maybe they are trying to lure me out too?