Tuesday, September 09, 2008

more cat

But the kitty (and breaking up my version "Tom & Jerry") is still pretty much all consuming.
It shall not last forever.

Kitten had his first trip to the vet today. He was just thrilled to be back in the cat carrier.

He's healthy. He has had his first round of shots. He's been de-wormed (and matching meds were sent home for the DogDogDogTheCatButtLicker, too). He's been assessed at being about 8 weeks. He's 2 lbs 3 oz. OH! And he is a he! Officially!

I wasn't entirely sure, to be honest with you. I mean, I had guessed that he was a he, but I wasn't 100% certain. No wonder. His little kitten bits haven't descended yet.

Now that we are sure that he is a he, we got to the bit of naming him. MyFavoriteKid has been ranting that he MUST be named Gaara (one of his favorite anime characters, from the Naruto series). MyFK told me that even if I named the cat something else, he would still call the cat Gaara anyhow.

Gaara's a redhead and has kitty eyes, so I guess it's pretty fitting.

I like Gaara (the character) but I aint too thrilled with the name because it doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Unless you say it like you are Japanese (sounds more like Gah-da instead of Gar-rah). And then if you say it in Japanese three times fast it almost sounds like kittykittykitty. Or maybe even a bit like purring.

Truth be told, I supposed it doesn't really matter what we name him. All of my animals end up with 20 nicknames anyhow, so I'll probably just be calling him KittenHead or something most the time.

But the vet records and the tag on the collar will say Gaara!


Mouse said...

Why am I not surprised that he named the cat Gaara? The puppy had better be careful now or SandKitty will open up a gourd of whoopass on him! hee hee.

~Donna~ said...

Cutest. Kitteh. Evar.

My fav Naruto character was the kid in green who looked just like his teacher. :)

I used to know all their names.

jodi said...

Oh, you alarmed me there for a moment with your apologetic title followed by the phrase "it shall not last forever" and a photo of the kitty in a crate. I thought you'd changed your mind about keeping the little guy!

Better hope Gaara doesn't have a jinchuriiki inside him somewhere. That'll make the havoc the dog wreaked in your first weeks together seem like a walk in the park. Better put the bunnyman somewhere safe just in case, eh?

Carrie said...

I like the Japanese pronunciation. However, I am sadly unfamiliar with Naruto. I know a pretty cat when I see one, though!

jodi said...

Oh, that reminds me. Are y'all getting your Naruto Shippuuden episodes right from the source now? Or should I burn a batch up for ya? (and if so, where did we leave off?)