Sunday, February 28, 2010

comments on comments

Ok, I knew I hadn't done this in awhile, but I did NOT realize that it have been over a month. I love ALL the comments and the support you all leave me here. It means so so much to me, and I don't say thanks often enough. But what I also don't do often enough is to respond to questions you ask me! If you've asked me something in the last month, scroll down and you'll find what you are looking for. And at the end of the post I'll wrap up with an update on TheMostImportantGuy's dad, deal? ;-)

Jodi asked: Wow, look at that mist! Do you get that often?
~ We get fog here, just like most of the San Francisco Bay Area, but it doesn't always "lift" quite like it did that day. It usually "burns off", more like a thinning out process. I think what was happening that day was because at the bottom of our little rolling hills are swamp-ish frog pond sorts of things, and if they are wet enough and the temps are just right, our little valleys fill up like that. But no, we don't see that often!

Denise asks: Aww but they are soooo cute, you sure you dont need any more?
~ I am posssssssitve.

Mouse asks:
Is that Gaara in the tree?
~ Indeed, it is. He did not catch a bird. Perhaps he sh have brought his gourd full of whoop-ass.

Not a question, but thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, and a special hello to Nazia with whom I share the same birthday! And no, Lorena---I never mind celebrating late! You kidding?! (isn't EVERY day my birthday?!?! hahaha)

Jenna asks: Flowers already?!? (and) How did you get into practicing zen Buddhism?
~ Yes, already! Crazy! As for the second question, it's a post of it's own, and it's coming this week, right on the tail of the thoughts about olympic athletes ;-)

Carol asks: You are just BEGGING for a Special Olympics joke, aren't you? But I'm not the one to make it...
~ Well, I sort of replied to this here. But seriously. Dude. If you are NOT the one to make it?!?! No one is. LOLOL (love you!)

Denise asks
: Wherever did you get the candles?
~ I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that I bought off of QVC lololol. What I bought was this (in a darker "rubbed brass" finish which I do not show available right now). At seems that most of the products in this line are for the candle with some sort of holder. Now, QVC does have another line called "Candle Impressions" which is often sold as just the candles themselves, and most of them have timers, and when I see them demo'd the sure do look pretty danged similar. Hope I'm not being a huge enabler ;-)

Also not a question, but many of you commented about the lady at the convalescent hospital that claims she can no longer knit, but knits when it is placed in her hands. I just wanted to say that y'all had some good ideas and some great things to say. I'm going to experiment with her some, and I will follow-up with whatever develops.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel asks:
Hey any chance you'll make it to Stitches this year?
~ I sadly did not go this year. I was really really looking forward to a repeat of last year, where I filled my conversion van full of awesome knitterly friends and made a day of it. Sadly, a dance rehearsal was made for that day from 10am-12noon....and I could only find coverage for MyFavoriteKid until 5:30pm. By the time I'd have driven there, parked, and entered, I'd only have had about an hour and a half before turning back. So I decided to put more time in on the zen retreat instead, which was local. As for today, I had MyFK today, and he was not at all into going with me...but we've had a really good day together, so I'm okay with it. Now, questions for you: How was it, and are you gonna show me your loot?!! :-D

In regards to what I was going to say to MyFK's buddy that I accidently called a nerd, not super girl asks: So,how did it go?
~ It went well. The buddy did not bring it up, and I didn't bring it up either (thanks to all for THAT advice). I'd also come to understand that if MyFK said I shouldn't bring it up, I should honor that request for his sake as well. His friend did look great, so I let him know that. And his friend also mentioned that his grades had slipped quite badly there for awhile, and he was pretty much on restriction for 6-months trying to straighten it all out. While I felt bad for him, this also explained why we hadn't seen much of him, and I was really really glad to hear that it was NOT because my friendship with his mom is no longer close. *phew*

Mouse asks: Nine days? That's a lot of floor staring.. I hope its a very nice floor!
~ Yes, nine days. And it is a verrrrry nice floor. I'm going to take a photo during the retreat and write about why. Stay tuned.

drlea asks: Are you on Twitter?
~ Well, for starters, hello! Welcome! Glad you found me, and thanks for stopping by! As for your question?: hahahahahahaha If you stick around here long enough you will learn that I am a total dork when it comes to computers. I dont know how to crop photos, so every single thing you see here is just how I took it, and I cant figure out FaceBook. It's amazing I have even kept a blog this long.


Okay. That's that. Unless I missed someone. If I did, let me know I shall fix. Again, I adore all the comments you send. I notice them and appreciate them all, questions asked or not ;-)

The update on TheMostImportantGuy's dad who had cancer surgery this week.

The surgery went well, although it sure seemed long. The bladder came out, the replacement parts went in. The surgeon and nursing staff said he did great, lost very little blood, and that it all went smoothly. They did see a lymph node that looked a bit enlarged and so they took it (and it's neighbor) out and sent them off to pathology. I am personally holding out for those results before I celebrate (which is not to say that I have a negative feeling about it, though). If results show signs of cancer, the next step I guess might be chemo. They moved him out of ICU yesterday afternoon, and they've started getting him up to walk around. He'll be in the hospital into next week. I understand he's not in pain which either means he's healing well or on some really fun meds (my guess is the latter).

I'll post another update if something changes and/or when those results come through....and thanks again so much for all of your support and sending of good vibes!

Alrighty. I'm off to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics.
Thank goodness this only happens every 4 years.


~Donna~ said...

I'm with you..don't think I could handle the distraction every year, altho we do have the summer olympics in 2 years! In London!

I haven't been online since Friday before I pulled my back, so coming on and finding all your posts was wonderful! Thanks for posting every day again. :)